Green Neighborhoods list 2018

Green Neighborhoods

Green built housing, energy awareness, and conscious living are all very prevalent here in Asheville, NC which is why many of us choose to live here. I wanted to explore other neighborhoods that had similar values and found the Clean Energy Authority’s top ten neighborhoods for green homes. Unexpectedly, three of the top ten neighborhoods

coastal flooding caused by climate change

Coastal Flooding Projected To Rise

A June 2018 study released by the Union of Concerned Scientists, regarding chronic coastal flooding, projects that flood levels will rise drastically within the next 30 years directly caused by rising sea levels due to increasing carbon emissions. Already many areas are seeing routine coastal flooding that did not used to occur as recently as

Residential solar energy pv system array

After President Trump approved the solar panel tariff earlier this year, prospects for the American solar industry were not the brightest. However, those predictions may prove to be false. Having employed more than 250,000 Americans in 2017, the solar industry has seen tremendous growth in the last decade with a small decline in 2017. The

NAACP Fumes Across Fence Line

Environmental Injustice

In late 2017, the Clean Air Task Force and NAACP released results of a study that examined how oil and gas facilities affected air quality in African American predominant communities. There was overwhelming data to support that people in these areas are significantly more affected by airborne pollutants because of their proximity to oil refineries,

Landfill brownfield image

Trash to Solar

As the need to distance ourselves from fossil fuels becomes more urgent due to climate change and pollution in general, solar power is emerging as a leading alternative. It can be scaled to be used by individuals or large utilities; and best of all- it’s renewable.  However, large scale solar farms require large tracts of land that have long and

Craft brewers go solar

Craft Brewers Going Solar

Craft brewers love to sell themselves as environmental activists. How can you tell a sincerely sustainable business from those looking for a selling point? One answer, solar. The Relationship Between Brewers and Environmentalism Millennials love craft brewers, and craft brewers are very aware of what the Pew Research Center found in 2014. Millennials look for

Texas wind turbines

In a competitive market, coal is more expensive than both solar and wind. In 2001, Texas created a competitive electricity market in that the least expensive resources go on the grid first. At that time, wind supplied less than one percent of Texas’ energy. As of 2018, 20 percent of the market is wind power.

Oil pipeline

In their criminal trial, activists argue they had no choice but to trespass and stop oil pipelines. What Happened The four activists trying to turn of the pipelines in Minnesota planned to let the world know what they accomplished. A film crew followed them to the pipeline. They knowingly risked being arrested. Similarly minded individuals

Commercial rooftop solar energy pv installation array Greenville, SC Greenville County

Industry Starts to See the (Sun)light

Industries are starting to see the light when it comes to climate change. Whether something is being done or not… depends on the company. Ceres, a sustainability advocacy group performed an analysis of  the largests companies in the US spectrum. With over 600 companies included, industries range from agriculture to retail to technology. The report

The extinction of yet another species should get people to act.

What can sheep do for solar? Find out.

The solar industry was hoping to not have a tariff, but the outcome may not be an industry stopper after all.

solar roadways

Check em’ out!

Solar PV module

Solar Rebate Program Up For Approval

Duke Energy’s rebate program expects to increase solar in North Carolina by providing funding for local homes and businesses to afford their own renewable energy systems.

EV electric vehicle charging station

Can Your Home Power Your Car?

Imagine never having to pay for gasoline again. Electric vehicles have come a long way and so has solar technology. Take advantages of the new solar rebates and cut your carbon footprint for good.