Removal & Re-Installation

SolFarm Solar Co. offers removal and re-installation for all (residential and commercial) solar energy systems; even for those systems we did not initially install. Removal and re-installation of your solar energy system may be necessary for several reasons; such as hail damage to shingles requiring a re-shingle or complete tear off. 

SolFarm's removal and re-installation is turnkey:

  • We coordinate with your roofing contractor for fast project completion
  • All required permitting for the solar energy system removal and re-installation is included
  • SolFarm warranties against roof leaks caused by the solar energy system re-installation
  • Removal and re-installation of all equipment: solar panels, racking, inverters / optimizers, and wiring
  • Final commissioning and verification of solar energy system equipment operation

Why Choose SolFarm?

Our NABCEP certified team has years of experience designing and installing solar electric systems; rooftop and ground mounts. Having worked with hundreds of different manufacture components in the solar energy sector, SolFarm Solar Co. has the expertise needed to successfully remove and re-install your solar energy system. Be at ease knowing that you have a team of professionals with you through the entire process, and beyond. 

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Solar FAQ's

Q: Will my roof leak after the solar panels are installed?
A: Roof leaks are not common after a SolFarm installation. Our proven track record comes from using great materials and years of professional experience.

Q: Do you warranty the roof after the solar panels are installed?
A: Yes, SolFarm Solar Co. provides a 3 year warranty post installation against roof leaks caused by our installation.

Q: Do I need to contact my homeowners insurance about the solar energy system?
A: Yes, each insurer has their own methods of insuring and keeping records. In most cases premiums do not increase for a solar energy system installation.


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