Battery Backup Power

Battery backup power / energy can be used in a number of ways and when paired with solar energy can rapidly decrease your return on investment; putting money back into your pocket sooner and saving you even more money over the years to come. 

  • Emergency power for critical loads and systems
    • Residential Examples: Refrigerators and freezers, lighting, medical equipment
    • Commercial Examples: Computers and servers, pumps, lighting, air conditioning, medical equipment
  • Demand (peak) reduction
    • For those that are billed for demand charges (peak load usage) batteries can be used to reduce billing demand
    • Example: In a commercial setting, heavy equipment such as: saws, pumps and cnc machines require much more power to initially start their motors when compared to their normal operating amperage. The startup power of this equipment can be pulled from a battery instead of the electrical utility, thus, reducing peak demand. This reduction in peak demand will directly lower your electric bill since the utility company will no longer see a spike from your equipment.
  • Off-grid energy
    • Ideal for remote buildings and equipment
    • Closed loop systems that cannot or do not need to be grid-tied
  • Reduce net metering
    • Should you live in a location where your electrical utility is not solar friendly, batteries can be installed so that you can utilize your captured solar energy at night
  • Solar + Battery
    • Pair a solar energy system with a battery for long-term power outage protection. Our team can design a system to sustain you, your family or business during blackouts. Operating without the need of the grid, a system can be built where the solar energy system recharges the battery daily.

Hows Does Battery Backup Work?

Typically, battery backups are not intended to power your entire home or business. Selected circuits and equipment to be backed up (lighting, refrigerators, medical equipment, sensitive electronics, etc..) are added to a new, separate load center. This load center will then receive backup power during power outages.

SolarEdge batteyr backup illustration

Retrofitting Backup Power

Using your existing solar energy system SolFarm can retrofit energy storage for your needs. Depending on the inverter type and manufacturer used for your solar array, different options are available to provide reliable backup power to sustain power outages. Contact us to get the conversation started.

Gas & Propane Generator Integration

For whole house backup, or for redundant power generation, some inverters can control gas/propane generators. For the ultimate backup power experience contact our team to start a conversation about your goals.

Why Choose SolFarm For Your Battery System?

SolFarm's team of certified installers can help you identify your needs to size the correct battery system and integrate it with your current systems. Whether you are searching for a small residential battery backup energy system, or a large scale commercial battery backup, we are here to provide a turnkey installation. SolFarm will also be available for maintaining your system. SolFarm also helps you with any rebates and incentives that are available in your area. We want you to be at ease knowing that you have a team of professionals with you through the entire process, and beyond.

Have a battery backup system not installed by SolFarm? We can service your system as well. Contact us to start the conversation.

Brands We Trust

Designing your unique battery system requires the best of the best for components and materials. We work with and install select manufacturers to maintain the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. Our team will never leave you questioning the components provided in our proposals. We will, in detail, outline all equipment to be installed and their warranties.

LG Chem Battery paired with SolarEdge

Pairing solar and batteries allows for you to utilize the energy produced by your solar energy system without the use of net metering

SolarEdge StoreEdge with LG Chem Battery

SMA's Sunny Boy Storage

Compatible with older SMA grid-tied inverters, SMA's battery inverter can be integrated with existing solar energy systems.

Solar battery inverter

Outback Power SkyBox

Capable of utilizing either lithium ion batteries or lead acid batteries, the SkyBox can also control gas/propane generators

Control your gas generator and battery backup

Enphase AC Battery

Sold in 2kWh units, the Enphase AC battery can be sized for your home or office

Enphase AC Battery

Commercial Battery Systems

Use batteries to reduce peak load for equipment and lighting to save money

Outback Power IBR Series Battery


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