Mike Diethelm

President & Founder

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Mike’s passion for nature and sustainability has been the driving force behind SolFarm Solar Co.

After many years as an arborist in Green Bay, WI, Mike moved to Asheville, NC to pursue an Environmental Studies Degree from Warren Wilson College. He was the Broker-In-Charge at Asheville Homeworks Real Estate when he realized he needed to reduce his carbon footprint.

Mike set forth on his mission of sustainability through education, working as an electrician, and becoming a NABCEP certified solar installer. In 2012, he started SolFarm Solar Co., a company committed to renewable energy and sustainability.

Kelly Gloger

Sales & Development

SolFarm sales Kelly Gloger
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Kelly got into his environmental career early at Texas A&M University and transitioned into the solar industry a few years later. Kelly has a vast amount of experience as a developer, installer, and researcher. His commitment to his community shines through in his work and volunteer efforts.

Adam Matar

Sales & Development

SolFarm Sales Adam Matar

Adam got his start in solar in California in 2007. His passion for renewable energy is focused on educating and empowering clients to make fully informed decisions. He truly enjoys helping clients meet their goals whether they’re centered around finances, sustainability, or energy independence and security.

Paul Farley

Sales & Development

SolFarm Sales Paul Farley

Paul began his solar career in 2001 after graduating from Montana State. He has designed off-grid and grid tied systems with experience also in distribution, manufacturing, consulting and procurement for national solar companies. “I’m excited to work for an amazing local company and to be making a difference where I live.” In his free time Paul enjoys spending time with his daughter, dog, enjoying local music, and recreation in the Blue Ridge.

Michael Pope

Sales & Development

SolFarm Michael Pope

Michael began his solar journey in 1999, living off grid at 9800’ in CO. While working with a catalog solar sales company he quickly developed a strong passion for renewable energy and power independence. With his 20+ years in solar Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to SolFarm's team.

Lori Kreisel


SolFarm Lori Kreisel

Lori is a long-time advocate for a cleaner planet and is excited to be part of the solution. She brings with her a wide variety of management and administration experience including HR, logistics, inventory, and accounting.

Robbie Wheelock

PV Designer

SolFarm Robbie Wheelock

Born and raised in Asheville, this local lad wanted to give back, through his work, to his community in a positive way. Graduating from App State’s Sustainable Technology program led him to his solar path with SolFarm. Learning from his time in the field at SolFarm, Robbie now transfers this knowledge to the design process where he helps create systems as productive as they are beautiful.

Jamie Gandron

Admin Assistant

SolFarm Jamie Gandron

Jamie is a Northeastern University graduate and has previous work experience in both nonprofit and housing sectors. Over time her interest in sustainability and waste reduction grew as she made changes in her everyday life to contribute to a cleaner world. While a newcomer to the solar industry, Jamie is excited to use her experience in support of local sustainability efforts.

Allen Lushbough

Service Manager

SolFarm Allen Lushbough

Starting his solar career in 2000, Allen has a wealth of experience and has spent the last several years focused on service and maintenance. He enjoys getting to know our customers, caring for their concerns and their systems. Allen enjoys the local music scene and attending shows of many different genres.

Lee Coleman

Applications Engineer

SolFarm Lee Coleman

After earning a BA in Architectural Design from Clemson University, Lee began his solar career in 2009 as a draftsman and Systems Designer. Lee then transitioned into an Applications Engineer, using system familiarity to support Sales, estimate projects, and secure contracts. Today, he plays both roles and a couple of others.

Ben Roote

Operations Manager

SolFarm Ben Roote

Starting as an aviation electrician in the late 90's with the U.S. Navy, Ben has been an electrician for over 20 years. With experience in residential, commercial, and industrial wiring, he is in charge of SolFarm's operations in the field, managing: the solar crews, new construction residential wiring, and service.

John Dombalis


SolFarm John Dombalis
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John entered the solar industry in 2015 and has since installed solar for everything from small off-grid cabins to large scale commercial projects. When John is not at work you may very well find him on or around the water with his dog.


Project Coordinator

SolFarm Project Coordinator Cameron Donnell

Cameron, coming from a military family, traveled the world in his youth and has called many places in the US and Germany home. As an App State graduate, he has applied his education to helping WNC go solar since 2013. In his off time Cameron enjoys time with his wife and daughter, spinning the latest record find, hiking, and playing volleyball.

Shawn Seippel


SolFarm CEO Shawn Seippel

Shawn began his career in solar back in 2014 with prior experience in the electrical trades and general construction. Over the years he has held many different titles: sales representative, installer, project developer, and project manager; to name a few.

Paul Handsman

Outside Sales

SolFarm Paul Handsman

As a realtor by day and... also a solar consultant by day, Paul is focused on Asheville's wellbeing and planning for the future. Paul's commitment to securing a renewable energy future is in part for his growing family; preserving a world for all to thrive!

Eric Handsman

Outside Sales

SolFarm Eric Handsman

Eric is an Appalachian State graduate with a degree in renewable energy technologies. He is a HUGE baseball fan and a retired ballet dancer. Eric enjoys helping educate customers about solar energy and showing them how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Miles Beam

Outside Sales

SolFarm Miles Beam

Miles comes with a background in residential real estate brokerage, new construction and development. His interest in renewable energy began while seeking more efficient ways to conserve electricity and power homes for his clients. Miles continues his quest today to serve his community.