Solar Energy Service & Maintenance

SolFarm Solar Co.'s service team is at the ready to service, repair, and maintain your solar energy system. Whether your solar energy system was built by SolFarm or another installer, we are here to keep your investment in tiptop shape.

Our solar service team is available for both residential and commercial solar energy systems. Our techs are manufacturer certified and attend regular training courses to stay up to date on the latest technologies. Our manufacturer direct relationships allow for us to complete warranty claims and request factory direct replacements.

Free Solar Energy System Monitoring

SolFarm will monitor your solar energy system for free; whether we installed it or not.

Most systems installed in the last several years have the ability to be monitored online. Providing SolFarm with access to your dashboard will allow for us to let you know when your system needs attention and repairs. Via email alerts from your system, SolFarm will be notified when components are failing and need service or replaced. Contact us to learn how to provide SolFarm monitoring access to your existing online dashboard.

If your system does not have online monitoring we are happy to help you get it connect. Giving SolFarm remote viewing capabilities to troubleshoot and run reports can save you, the system owner, a lot of time and money. Online monitoring often allows for us to identify failing equipment without sending a technician on site; reducing the cost of repairs. Contact us for a quote to get your system connected and online.

Corrective Service & Maintenance

SolFarm's certified solar energy service and maintenance team can troubleshoot and repair existing issues with your solar energy system. Capable of working on solar energy systems, new and old, our experienced technicians are familiar with countless equipment brands and their components.

Items that may need serviced or replaced on your solar energy system include:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters, mirco-inverters and optimizers
  • Breakers and fuses
  • Solar panel connections - MC4 connectors
  • Inverter firmware
  • Networking and monitoring equipment: update network credentials, cables
  • Metering equipment and components: CT's, meters, wiring
  • Battery testing and replacement: lead acid batteries, AGM or glass mat batteries, lithium batteries

Preventative Maintenance

As no two solar energy system installations are exactly the same each system may require a unique PM schedule geared towards the equipment installed and the age of the system. SolFarm's experience in maintaining solar energy systems provides a great platform in producing PM schedules.

Items that may be included in a scheduled PM:

  • Evaluation of recent energy production
  • Various equipment multi-meter readings
  • Thermal scanning of equipment and connections
  • Detailed visual inspection of equipment
  • Testing of equipment operations
  • Replacement of wear items such as filters and screens

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