Duke Energy Solar Energy Rebate (Ends January 2023)

Duke Energy currently offers a rebate program for customers of both Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress. Residential, commercial and non-profit customers are eligible for the rebate. For the years of 2018 - 2022 Duke Energy has set aside a total of 20MW (megawatts) worth of rebates. To read the Duke Energy announcement Click Here.

As of 2021, Duke Energy has changed the rebate program selection process to random selection process, rebate applicants are no longer in a time sensitive position to race and get their form submitted. More information can be found on Duke Energy's website. Duke Energy's new random selection method provides applicants with a seven day window to submit their online application.

This rebate is currently at capacity for residential and commercial customers for 2022. Non-profit rebate capacity is still available for 2022. The coming January 2023 round of funding will be the last available for all customers; Duke Energy is ending the program with this last round of applications. All remaining capacity will be awarded, randomly, to customers that apply during the January 11 - 18 application window. All customer types will be considered in one large pool of applicants.

How Much Can I Save?

The rebate is different for different customers. Below are the rates Duke Energy has provided:

  • Residential customers: 40 cents per watt or $4,000 rebate maximum
    • For residential installations, a 10kW solar energy system receives the maximum rebate amount
    • Click Here for more information about residential solar energy installations
  • Nonresidential customers: 30 cents per watt or $30,000 rebate maximum
    • Commercial installations maximize the rebate with a 100kW solar energy system
    • Click Here to read more about commercial solar energy
  • Nonprofit customers: 75 cents per watt or $75,000 rebate maximum
    • Not-for-profit customers receive the maximum rebate with the installation of a 100kW solar energy system

Is the rebate guaranteed?

In short, no. Due to the popularity of this rebate program, and the approval of randomly selected projects, there is no way to be for sure that your system will receive the rebate.

With SolFarm's contingency contract you are under no obligation to move forward with the solar energy installation should you not be awarded the Duke Energy rebate. 

How Do I Apply?

Duke Energy has set a schedule for solar installation rebates to be submitted and terms as to what systems qualify for the rebate. The next Duke Energy rebate submission date is scheduled for July 7th, 2021. 

To be eligible for the rebate, Duke Energy has required that each applicant have an interconnection agreement ID. In layman's terms, Duke Energy must have received an interconnection application and replied with an identification number used for their internal filing system. This ID is required to submit your solar energy installation for the rebate.

SolFarm provides turnkey installation

Including interconnection applications

Contingency Contract Details

SolFarm offers contingency contracts upon your installation receiving the Duke Energy rebate. Due to the rebate timeline, we encourage anyone interested in applying for the rebate to contact us immediately as the Duke Energy application processing time varies. With the next scheduled rebate submission date quickly approaching and the coming holidays modifying normal business hours, our goal is to get our customers submitted as soon as possible to ensure your interconnection application is processed and ready.

SolFarm contingency contracts require a nonrefundable $600 deposit. When moving forward with your solar energy installation, whether you have received the Duke Energy rebate or not, the deposit is put towards your installation cost.

Shortly after the rebate submission date, Duke Energy will process rebate requests. At that point SolFarm will begin moving forward with installations; approximately the month of February.

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