Santee Cooper Solar Rebate Program

Santee Cooper currently offers a rebate to customers with qualified rooftop solar installations at $1.60 per watt, or $1,600 per kilowatt, with limitations. Solar Home and Solar Business Rebates are capped at $9,600 total per account number. Non-profit Customers are eligible for an additional rebate of $0.25/watt (AC), capped at a maximum of $1,500 total. This rebate is available through 2019.

Along with the rebate, Solar Home and Solar Business Customers will receive energy credits as outlined in Santee Cooper’s most recent Distributed Generation (DG) Rider. Solar Home and Solar Business participants will be issued the rebate upon verified completion of all of the solar PV system requirements.

Typical turnaround time for you to receive your rebate is within six weeks of Santee Cooper receiving a completed customer rebate application.

As well as the rebate, Santee Cooper solar customers will receive an energy credit of about 3.8 cents per kWh for any excess solar power produced that is put back on the grid. The first 500 residential rooftop customers to sign up will receive an additional 3-cents per kWh credit for excess electricity through 2019. You can find more information on energy credits by reviewing the Santee Cooper's DG Rider.

SolFarm Solar Co. has partnered with Santee Cooper as a Trade Ally. We can assist you in through the entire process of installing your solar system. Contact us today to get your free solar analysis.