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What can sheep do for solar? Find out.

The solar industry was hoping to not have a tariff, but the outcome may not be an industry stopper after all.

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Solar Rebate Program Up For Approval

Duke Energy’s rebate program expects to increase solar in North Carolina by providing funding for local homes and businesses to afford their own renewable energy systems.

Can Your Home Power Your Car?

Imagine never having to pay for gasoline again. Electric vehicles have come a long way and so has solar technology. Take advantages of the new solar rebates and cut your carbon footprint for good.

The largest solar installation company may not be the best fit for your energy goals and budget. Find out how house bill 589 could save you thousands:

Teens Use Courts to Stop Climate Change

NC teens join the legislative and judicial battle to end climate change.

Changing the future of electricity demands some change from everyone.

Despite Trump backing out of the Paris Accord, states and cities hope to keep America’s promises.

Solar Creating Universal Energy Access

With the help of solar, the entire world could turn the lights on.

Solar could make your house worth more!

Solar Innovations to Change the Game

Four solar innovations may change the solar game.

The Pros and Cons of Solar

Let us help you weigh the costs and benefits of solar.

Solar+storage may change the world.

Words to Know in the Solar Industry

Words to know in the solar industry.